Westfield Truck Accidents

As of 2016, the city of Westfield has over 36,000 residents, and is rapidly increasing in population as the years progress. Westfield provides its residents with a warm community that offers many sources of entertainment for family life, such as the city’s Grand Park, along with a great educational system.

Founded in 1834, the small city played a huge part in American history. Westfield is commonly believed to be a stop for the Underground Railroad, which aided slaves in escaping from their masters to find freedom. Westfield grew quickly and was incorporated into a town in 1848. In 2008, the town was finally incorporated as a city.

Westfield remains a key city in Indiana by offering one of the best educational systems in the state. Westfield High School was named the sixth best high school in Indiana, ranking above seven-hundred and thirty other schools. Additionally, the city provides a rich commuter-life for workers, as Westfield is near Indiana’s capitol, Indianapolis. Because of Westfield’s prime location and amazing academics, more people are moving into the city, making community life, and the a growing number of highways and roads.

Since Westfield’s population is increasing more and more each year, the city plans to accommodate by redesigning the downtown area. Because of the escalation in residents and large number of commuters, Westfield is experiencing heavy traffic. A multitude of large trucks and cars clog the roads, causing automobile accidents each and every day.

For anyone who lives in the area, the development of State Road 31 has made north-south travel from Kokomo to Indianapolis faster and safer. Roundabouts and new neighborhoods add complexity to the travel routes, increasing the risk of injury to Westfield drivers and passengers.

Thankfully, with the help of new safety features in modern cars, Indiana highway accidents and deaths are decreasing. However, the personal injury attorneys at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP understand that the decline of highway fatalities will never diminish the pain and hardship endured when you or a loved one is harmed on the roadways.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of accidents occur across this nation and nearly a thousand people die on Indiana roads. Many of these roadway deaths are directly related to  truck accidents. The Westfield truck accident attorneys of Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP have a well-earned reputation for finding truck drivers accountable for the injuries that occur on Indiana roadways. Our firm commits to ensuring the full compensation available when you or a loved one has been injured or someone dies because of a negligent or careless truck driver.

The Westfield personal injury and truck accident lawyers are ready to put their years experience and their depth of knowledge to work for you. Our firm works hard for motor vehicle and truck accident victims from every community in the state. If you’ve suffered severe injuries, we strive to recover the compensation so that your medical and financial needs are covered, now and in the future.

Our attorneys build an impressive case designed to recover the maximal indemnity for you and your family. Whenever possible, our negotiation skills enables us to resolve cases without going to court. However, there are still situations when cases do go to court. If this is the case, you can be confident knowing the firm’s skills and experience will serve you well.

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