South Bend Medical Malpractice

With more than 100,000 residents counted in 2014, South Bend is the fourth largest city in the state of Indiana, and is the seat of St. Joseph County. Located along the St. Joseph river, about five miles south of the Indiana-Michigan border, South Bend is the economic and cultural hub of Northern Indiana.

The area around what is now South Bend was initially settled by fur traders in the early 1800’s for the use of the St. Joseph River. By 1845, the first steam engine line was built through South Bend, and most business was shifted from water shipping to rail. The manufacturing business of South Bend continued to grow with the location of the Studebaker Plant and the Oliver Chilled Plow Company. South Bend’s Population peaked in the late 1950’s at 132,445, and then dropped by over 30,000 with the demise of the Studebaker Plant and the rise of suburban migration. In 1950, more than half of South Bend’s employment opportunities were in the manufacturing field, but by the year 2000, the manufacturing jobs of the city made up only sixteen percent of the South Bend workforce.

One of South Bend’s most important cultural and economic contributors is the University of Notre Dame, located in unincorporated Notre Dame, Indiana and founded in the year 1845. Nationally recognized for both its academic and athletic programs, Notre Dame has attracted visitors, students and employees from all around the world.

The Studebaker National Museum is another local and national attraction in South Bend, and highlights much of the manufacturing history of the South Bend area. Yet another cultural attraction is the South Bend History Museum, which highlights aspects of regional life in Northern Indiana, showcasing the importance of the South Bend’s agriculture, manufacturing and education systems to the rest of the region.

The largest industries in South Bend today are health care, education, small business, and tourism, though the city is still home to large corporations such as Crowe Horwath, Honeywell, and AM General. In an attempt to attract new technologies based corporations and businesses, the city has recently renovated the old Studebaker plant and surrounding business park into a new technology center named Ignition Park. Since its completion, South Bend has seen its first population growth in over fifty years.

When someone seeks medical care at any one of South Bend's hospitals, doctor’s or specialist’s offices, they should expect the highest quality of care that offered by modern medicine; however, this is not always the case and it is possible that you or a loved one have experienced a misdiagnosis or medical error that has led to a serious personal injury or even the death of a family member or loved one. If this has happened to you, the attorneys of Montross Miller are here to help.

Our firm assists injured people all across the state of Indiana; from Evansville to Fort Wayne, from Batesville to South Bend, our experienced personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys will hear your case and help.

Client Reviews
My 15-year-old son suffered a life-altering closed head injury that left him disabled for life when he was injured in a truck accident. I went to Mike Miller for help. Mike and the law firm were the greatest people I have ever been around. Everything they did was excellent, above and beyond the call of duty. They were able to recover enough to let me leave my job and devote full time care for my son. To this day, they are more than happy to talk with me and take care of anything that comes up. J.M.
Words cannot express how tremendously grateful my husband and I are to Nate and his team during the most difficult times in our lives. He walked us through every step with the up most respect, never hesitating to answer any and all questions, or simply giving us a word of encouragement. It was a relief to know that he was always on our side, fighting for our case and believing that it was worth fighting for. C.L.
A patient with a stroke was not transferred to a hospital capable of treating her. The client said, "We worked with Brad Kallmyer who was phenomenal. He listened well and was very thorough and professional. I give all the credit to Brad. The staff was very kind, very understanding. They made my mom feel important. Brad's integrity and the firm came through for us. They were great." C.M.
Scott did a truly amazing job for us. It was not just about the legal work; he was there for us every step of the way. From rehab, through settlement and even making sure appropriate financial arrangements were in place for the future. He went to bat for us with health care providers and workman's comp people. He fights for what is right. He really cared about what happened to my husband. Now, he will be taken care of for the rest of his life. T.R.