Noblesville Truck Accidents

Noblesville is home to over 51,000 citizens, making it the fourteenth-largest city of Indiana. Located north of Indianapolis, Noblesville provides easy-living for commuters or for residents who want to live near Indiana’s capitol. The beginning of the city was humble, though over the decades, it transformed into a booming suburban city which offered a variety of jobs and city life for residents.

The charming city is filled with a historic past, dating all the way back to 1818. A man named William Conner was one of the first settlers in Noblesville, and in 1823,  he and Josiah Polk laid out what is known as downtown Noblesville. Because of Conner’s history with the amiable city, his home is a part of the historic buildings that forms Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement, which is south of Noblesville in Fishers.

Noblesville’s first notable rise in population occurred during the Indiana gas boom in 1888, when the city discovered its first natural gas well. The gas boom created a multitude of jobs, and because of this, more Indiana residents moved to the prospering city. As a result of the boost in population, more Victorian homes were built, along with most of the downtown district, thus revamping Noblesville into the city it is today.

Since Noblesville is a hotspot for commuters, the city is rapidly rising in population and popularity. In the past decade, the population increased with over 20,000 residents. Because of the recent influx of citizens, the city is experiencing a surge of heavy traffic. Large trucks and cars clog roadways, causing the streets to be more dangerous than before, especially around SR 37. Such heavy traffic increases the chance of automobile accidents.

The number of injuries caused by automobile accidents rises and falls over the years based on traffic patterns, the cost of fuel, and safety features in newer cars; however, the personal injury attorneys at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP understand that only one injury or death of a loved one can result in untold suffering for family members.