Muncie Truck Accidents

Muncie, Indiana is located in east-central Indiana, about 50 miles northeast of Indianapolis and boasts a population of nearly more than 70,000 in the city and surrounding area.

Established in the 1790s, Muncie was known as a small trading post, and the town was selected as the Delaware County seat and platted in 1827. Muncie grew over the next couple of decades, and in 1865, the town was incorporated as a city. Contrary to popular belief, the city was not named after a mythological chief Munsee, but after an Indian village named Munsee Town.

After the gas boom of the 1880s in Indiana, multitudes of businesses and other industries flocked to the city, thus transforming Muncie into an impressive manufacturing and industrial center. The city also attracted iron and steel mills, which offered many jobs for the citizens of Muncie. Once the gas boom diminished, Muncie was already known as an impressive industrial town and a commercial center for east-central Indiana.

Additionally, in the 1920s, Muncie was the subject of the famous “Middletown” sociological case studies, which studied the culture of average American cities. This spotlight brought Muncie quite a lot of national attention, which leaves Muncie to be one of the most studied cities of its size in the United States.

Muncie is also known for Ball State University, a paramount university of Indiana. Filled with many academic colleges on campus, over 21,000 students choose Ball State University as their home away from home. However, with the influx of students each fall, Muncie traffic increases dramatically in the first few months of late summer and early fall, thus causing trucks and cars to bring traffic along McGalliard, Bethel, McKinnley and Riverside to a near standstill. Because of the influx of residents in Muncie during student move-in and the construction of I-69, trucks and cars find themselves in stop-and-go traffic on the roadways, causing more accidents than ever.

Of the hundreds of thousands of accidents on Indiana highways, with many near Muncie, a high percentage of these result in the death of Indiana drivers or passengers. Since a bulk of these deaths are an outcome of truck accidents, The Muncie truck accident attorneys of Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP hold truck drivers accountable for the injuries they have caused. Our firm has worked hard over three decades fighting for the rights of injured Indiana residents and in the process earning and maintaining a respected reputation. The attorneys of Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LPP commit themselves to fighting for the full compensation expected when a truck driver has hurt you or taken the life of a loved one.

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