Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is medical malpractice?
  2. Do I have a medical malpractice case?
  3. What does Standard of Care mean?
  4. Do I have a deadline for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit?
  5. Where can I get information about my doctor?
  6. How can I find out if my doctor has had any medical malpractice claims?
  7. My doctor did something wrong and I could have died. Do I have a claim?
  8. My doctor didn't diagnose my condition. Do I have a lawsuit?
  9. Don't doctors stick together and protect each other in medical malpractice case?
  10. What can I do if I was treated badly but I don't have a medical malpractice claim?
  11. If the doctor knows I am thinking of a malpractice suit, can the doctor alter the medical records?
  12. What is a medical review panel?
  13. What information does the medical review panel have about the case?
  14. Does the medical review panel decide the case?
  15. Can you tell me what compensation I can get for my case?
  16. Is ther a limit on how much a person can recover for a malpractice claim?
  17. How are attorney fees paid?
  18. Do I have to pay to have my claim investigated?
  19. How do I get started if I think I have a medical malpractice claim?
  20. Does your firm take very small Medical cases in the hope that the healthcare providers settle quickly?
  21. What is the patient's compensation fund?
  22. Are all medical malpractice claims presented to a medical review panel?
  23. How long does it take to conclude a medical malpractice case?
  24. Will I have to testify?
  25. If I bring a claim, will the doctors or hospitals pry into my medical and personal background?
  26. How do you prove a medical malpractice claim?
  27. I know that something bad happened, but don't know who is responsible. Can I still pursue a medical malpractice claim?
  28. Can medical malpractice claims be brought against any kind of health care provider?
  29. Can a case still be pusued if the patient or health care provider dies after the malpractice?
  30. Does it matter if the malpractice ocurred in another state?
  31. If I received negligent care in Indiana but live somewhere else, where is my malpractice claim filed?
  32. If the patient dies from malpractice, who is allowed to bring a claim on the patient's behalf?
  33. How are malpractice claims involving children handled?
  34. Do I have a claim if I lose my pregnancy because of malpractice?
  35. If a healthcare provider offers to pay my expenses, or offers money because of a bad outcome, what do I do?
  36. Do I have a claim if my healthcare provider made a mistake but it's too early to tell the extent of my injury?
  37. Are health insurers, including Medicare or Medicaid, involved in medical malpractice claims?
  38. Can medical malpractice claims be brought against nursing homes?
  39. Can claims for negligence be brought against pharmacies?