Carmel Truck Accidents

Over 85,000 people call Carmel, Indiana their home. Originally named Bethlehem, the town was laid out in 1837 by a small group of settlers, and soon after, Quakers inhabited the land. In 1874, the townspeople voted to change the name of Bethlehem to Carmel.

Carmel, a suburban city located at the north side of Indianapolis, is known for its excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and low taxes. Over the past 20 years, Carmel transformed from a sleepy town into a booming city that offers a multitude of opportunities for all ages. Because of the city’s architectural diversity and alluring estates, Carmel attracts many of Indiana’s citizens.

The progressive city government of Carmel now plans new developments, such as apartments and condos, with a new-­urbanism approach that appeals to both the younger and older generation. Additionally, the city installed ample trails and bike lanes, which has aided Carmel into becoming one of the most bike ­friendly communities in Indiana. Because of the friendly lifestyle Carmel offers, CNN Money Magazine named Carmel in 2012 the best place to live, for cities ranging in population from 50,000 to 300,000, in America.

Ever since the conversion into an urban-­friendly city, more and more citizens flock to Carmel. Because there has been an increase of modifying buildings and roads, along with a fluctuating population, Carmel is experiencing more traffic than ever. Because of the improvements on every road from the beautiful Cherry Creek Boulevard to the busy 146th Street corridor, and the complete rework of Highway 31, the busiest road in the state, trucks and cars are clogging the roadways more than ever, which results in more truck accidents than before.

Recent year have shown a new increase in the the trend of highway fatalities and the personal injury attorneys at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP understand the pain experienced when you or a loved one is injured in a car or truck accident.

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of accidents that occur on Indiana roads. As a result, thousands of Hoosiers are injured, or worse, are killed. Not surprisingly, a majority of these deaths are caused by truck accidents. The Carmel truck accident attorneys of Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP have achieved an esteemed reputation for holding truck drivers accountable for injuries they cause in accidents. Whether a result of mechanical failure or driver inattention, those who suffer the catastrophic injuries that accompany truck accidents suffer the same pain.

Our attorneys are committed to obtaining the full compensation expected when a truck driver hurts you or takes the life of your loved one. We work to win the compensation you’re entitled to so that your medical and financial obligations are met, now and in the future.

Our firm fights for motor vehicle and truck accident victims from Carmel and all around the state. If you’ve been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle vehicle crash, call the Carmel personal injury lawyers at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLP. Call our firm or complete the email contact today and ask for a free, confidential consultation. We will investigate your claim and all the legal options available to you. Don't delay.