Anderson Medical Malpractice

Located just an hour’s drive north east of Indianapolis, Indiana’s capitol, Anderson is one of the sixteen largest cities in Indiana with just over 56,000 residents. Anderson is the county seat of Madison County and houses just under half of its 130,000 citizens. Its central location, and the constant shifts in local industry make Anderson a city important to many of Indiana’s exports and products.

A city of industry and manufacturing, Anderson’s growth was driven first by the natural gas boom, and in later years by such manufacturers as Remy International and ELSA LLC. Among the other main employers today in Anderson are Red Gold, Nestle, the public school system of Madison county and the Anderson penitentiary.

Anderson also boasts a proud culture of farming and agriculture. As of the 2012 agricultural census, Madison county houses 737 farms that all combine to form a hundred and fifty million dollar annual industry, and occupy just over 205,000 of Madison county’s 290,000 acres.

No industry has been so influential to the growth and development of Anderson in the 20th century as the automobile industry. Buckeye Manufacturing Works was located in the city of Anderson by John W. Lambert and before 1920 there were over 17 different types of vehicles being produced out of Anderson.

In a city and surrounding area so driven by agriculture, industry and hard physical work, the medical infrastructure is incredibly important. The city of Anderson offers the Community Hospital of Anderson, Saint Vincent Hospital and Emergency Room, as well as the Madison County Community Health network. Together these medical providers work to keep the people of Anderson and the surrounding county healthy.

Though we hope that any and all individuals that seek medical attention at one of the Anderson or Madison county healthcare facilities receives the best care modern medicine can offer, we here at Montross Miller Muller Mendelson & Kennedy, LLC know that carelessness and misdiagnosis during medical treatment can lead to an inability to care for oneself and family and extreme cases, accidental death.